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Логотип UAFRAA woman art needs support. In fact on international statistics only 5% exhibits in the museums of art and 8% plumb lines on international auctions belong to the hand of woman. Necessity of creation of platform for development of creative potential, realizations of regular exhibitions and advancement of works in арт-пространства and to the музеии representatives of украниского иискусства and impelled to creation of woman association. Потому it was made decision creation of woman association for support and development of woman art in Ukraine. We carry out development and support of woman art in Ukraine. We were united by a desire to point a creative search and energy of instruments of woman art at the decline of tension in public life, renewal of human values and spirituality. Mission of UAFRA - to help the construction of society of equal possibilities and creative freedom through support of woman art national and international арт-активизма.


Aims of UAFRA

To assist expansion of creative and professional possibilities for good women-hands in an art, that conduces to the height of social inclusiveness
To assist to development of ungovernmental organizations supporting a woman art;
To assist advancement of woman art as an universal instrument of bringing in of artists and civil society to the wide dialogue of relatively human values and stable development of society;
To assist gender equality, including in area of art, to support creative work of good women-hands.

Kyiv, st. Voloska, 50/38, of. 144

  • Phone: +38 063 671 64 25
  • Email: uafraw@gmail.com

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