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UAFRA - Ukrainian Association for Feminine Research in Arts (Public organization Ukrainian Association for the Study of Women in Art). This is an informal creative union that unites different women to realize the creative potential of each of us. The Association unites and supports representatives of different fields of art (visual art, literature, music, etc.).

We welcome the growing aesthetic, social and political influence of women on social life and art as one of the ways to restore social harmony. The lack of discrimination and the proper conditions for the development of women are an integral part of the democratic values ​​of modern society. We consider female art as a universal language that helps broad dialogue with society and promotes the professional and creative development of women.

Kyiv, st. Voloska, 50/38, of. 144

  • Phone: +38 063 671 64 25
  • Email: uafraw@gmail.com

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