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The Ukrainian Association of Feminine Research in the Arts (UAFRA) in partnership with the  Modern Art Research Institute  announces an open call for the Fifth ARTFEST of Women's Art. ARTFEST of Women's Art was launched in 2018 to support and promote the creativity of talented women in the arts.

The theme of the Fifth Artfest of Women's Art:


In 1470, the great painter Sandro Botticelli painted his famous picture  "Allegory of Strength", which personifies moral stability and iron will. It depicts a young woman in armor who exudes fragility and femininity along with fortitude, moral strength and confident calm. More than half a millennium has passed, and this female image remains an object of admiration and an embodiment of the fundamental characteristics of female nature. The paradigms of the eras are under continuous change. The role of women in society, their evaluation and self-esteem have increased immeasurably. Femininity and confidence go hand in hand with professionalism and reliability. As Margaret Thatcher pointed out "..if you want something to be done, ask a woman."

What is the image of a modern woman in the eyes of female artists? How do they see the modern world and their role in it? Is the fusion of fragility and strength in the female character still relevant? What constitutes the strength of a modern woman? What is the source of her strength and inspiration? What does the modern allegory of power generally look like? We invite you to a creative discussion.

The contest is open to all female artists worldwide, regardless of nationality,  level of professional education, stage of professional career, and place of residence.

The art contest accepts works in all forms of visual art (including painting, collage, sculpture, installation, digital art). Each artist can send 1-2 photos of works that best represent her activities  and reveal the theme of the Artfest. The size of artwork’s image should not exceed  1.2 MB, acceptable formats are JPG, JPEG .

The application also includes a short bio of the author (up to 100 words), statement (description of the artwork -title, material, size- and concept - up to 150 words), the author's web site, social media handle, e-mail address, place of residence.

Applications with photoes are to be sent to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The deadline for receiving applications is August 20th, 2023

Announcement of selection results – Auguct 26th, 2023

Delivery of works to the venue of the Artfest (at the expense of the applicant) - until September 10th , 2023

Artfest will take place in the exhibition hall of the Modern Art Research Institute  in September 2023. Curator – leader of UAFRA , Iryna Akimova

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