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Open call Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest 2020 Sansara

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We invite you to participate in the third international festival of contemporary women's art - Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest  2020 to be held in August  2020 at the Modern Art Research Institute  (22 D Evgeny Konovalets St., Kyiv)

The general  theme of Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest  2020 is  SANSARA.

Presently,  the whole world faces  difficult times. The COVID 19 pandemic has changed a lot in the established system of views and  actions. The globalized world with its developed chains of economic, social and cultural interconnections, under the influence of rigid quarantine measures, began to break up into separate components, showing both strengths and weaknesses.
Countries, cities, families has gone into self-isolated within  their own borders. The rupture of habitual relationships has exposed our close interdependence and need for support. We will have to endure the trials, cope with the consequences, revive and take a fresh look at our lives. All this is reminiscent of the samsara wheel, the turn of which symbolizes the change of epochs, the breaking of the old understanding and the birth of new content.

Artfest aims to present to the public contemporary women's art in its wide variety.

The Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest 2020 is organized by the Ukrainian Association for Feminine Research in the Arts (UAFRA) with the support of the Modern Art Research Institute.

The artworks  for the project can be performed in any direction and genre of contemporary art First of all, we are interested in artists who work with space, exposure and viewer, as well as projects that actualize the topics of important issues of today.

Conditions for participation in the Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest 2020:

-You can apply for participation in Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest 2020 by July 31, 2020 by filling in the application at: https://forms.gle/pXWTV3uhhesjEcyZA

- Professional artists who work in the field of painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, installation, video art and other visual arts can take part in the open call;

- Each participant can offer up to 3 works,

- The application must contain: photos of the works, a brief description of each work (concept in free form, technique, material, size, year of creation), creative CV of the author or art group;

- The works are delivered to the exhibition space by the artists themselves.

Project curator  Iryna Akimova

Co-curator  - Anastasia Goncharenko

Project coordinator - Myroslava Yakymchuk


Kyiv, st. Voloska, 50/38, of. 144

  • Phone: +38 063 671 64 25
  • Email: uafraw@gmail.com

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