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Art - project "The Life is a Theatre"

As part of the exhibition "A Look Through the Backstage" http://uafra.com.ua/foto/item/75-vystavka-vzgliad-iz-za-kulis an art project by Irina Akimova was presented The installation “All Lives is a Theater” became a stage for a performance created on the basis of Irina Akimova’s author’s poems, in which fragments of the works of A. Piazzolla were used.


The Life is a Theatre

An alarm clock, morning…. I meet a new day.
The wind is knocking on the window from the yard.
A comb, a powder, a bag, a cup of tea…
I put on a mask. It's time to go!

What awaits me: resentment or affection?
Oblivion or a wreath of glory ?
I play and change my masks,
My clothes, makeup, movements, and voice.

There is no place for fatigue,
I burst into the dialogues in haste ...
I wanted to be a muse or a goddess.
But in the play there is only the role of a reliable shoulder.
And I solve life equations
With a calm and steady hand.
I draw inspiration from the ordinary things,
And provide others with care and peace.

During a theater run
Vanity does not torment me.
I turn a scary dragon
Into a lazy home cat.

The day is over. I won’t disturb the evening.
The violin and oboe will warm it up.
I take the mask off, and strip my soul.
And I become myself again…

Iryna Akimova


09 March 2020


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